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19 August 2014



天亞社編按:教宗八月十八日從韓國返回意大利,在空中接受記者提問,論及與中國。美國耶穌會已有逾一百年歷史的周刊《America》隨機記者吉拉.奧康奈爾(Gerard O’Connell)紀錄的文字版本,獲教廷確認為官方版本。由於此話題受到華人讀者極大關注,本社將記者會的這一組問答翻譯成中文,以饗讀者。










Q. My question is about China. China allowed you to fly over its airspace. The telegram that you sent [en route to Korea] was received without negative comments.  Do you think these are step forward towards a possible dialogue? And have you a desire to go to China?

Father Lombardi intervenes: I can inform you that we are now flying in the airspace over China at this moment. So the question is pertinent.

Pope Francis: When we were about to enter into the Chinese airspace [en route to Korea], I was in the cockpit with the pilots, and one of them showed me a register and said, “We’re only ten minutes away from entering the Chinese airspace, we must ask authorization.” One always asks for this. It’s a normal thing, one asks for it from each country. And I heard how they asked for the authorization, how they responded. I was a witness to this. The pilot then said, “We sent a telegram,” but I don’t know how they did it.

Then I left them and I returned to my place and I prayed a lot for that beautiful and noble Chinese people, a wise people. I think of the great wise men of China, I think of the history of science and wisdom. And we Jesuits have a history there with Father Ricci. All these things came into my mind.

If I want to go to China? For sure! Tomorrow!

We respect the Chinese people. The church only asks for liberty for its task, for its work. There’s no other condition.

Then we should not forget that fundamental letter for the Chinese problems which was the one sent to the Chinese by Pope Benedict XVI. This letter is actual [relevant] today. It is actual. It’s good to re-read it.

The Holy See is always open to contacts. Always. Because it has a true esteem for the Chinese people.


Full Text Of Pope Francis’ Press Conference On Plane Returning From Korea





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